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Types of Oncology Specialities And Diseases

There are three main classifications of oncology, namely-

Medical: Medical oncology focuses on the treatment of cancer through non-surgical means such as chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Surgical: Surgical oncology is the area of speciality that treats cancer through surgical means such as removal of tumours. The obtaining of a sample of tissue through biopsy is also classified under surgical oncology.

Radiation: Radiation oncology focuses on treating cancer through radiation therapy.

There are also other classifications of oncology depending on the specialisation of the doctor. At Basaveshwara Hospital, our cancer care specialities are classified as:

Breast Cancer: Breast cancers are treated through different therapies. Surgical breast cancer treatment involves the surgical excision and removal of cancer and the nearby tissue, in either or both of the breasts or the lymph nodes. Conservative breast surgery, oncoplastic surgery and breast reconstructive surgery are also treatments that are provided under this speciality. Surgery may be used as a treatment with radiation or chemotherapy.

Gynaecology Oncology: The treatment of cancers of the female reproductive system for all age groups. The gynaecology oncologist specializes in diagnosing and treating cancer that starts in women’s reproductive organs.

Head and Neck Surgery- Oncology: Tumours and cancers in the head and neck regions are under this speciality. This includes the sinuses, mouth, nose, and throat. Eighty-five percent of head and neck cancers are linked to tobacco, and 75% are associated with a combination of tobacco and substance abuse.

Integrative Oncology: This speciality has an integrative and holistic approach to inpatient and outpatient cancer care. It aims to use complementary approaches to support the cancer patient’s health in mind, body and spirit. Integrative oncology in the form of additional treatment approaches such as naturopathy aims to reduce the pain and complications related to cancer treatment and to some extent signs also.

Medical Oncology: Medical oncology is focused on the treatment of cancers through non-operative means such as chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, immunotherapy, radiation and all other non-surgical means.

Ortho - Oncology: The treatment of tumours and cancers related to bones and soft tissues is in the scope of this speciality.

Pediatric Oncology: The treatment of children and young adults with cancer. The treatment and management of pediatric cancer patients are very different from that of adults.

Pain and Palliation Oncology: Cancer patients suffer a lot of pain. Pain and palliative care is the most important part of cancer care. It deals with the treatment and management of pain in cancer patients. Basaveshwara Hospital focuses on providing the best pain and palliative care to cancer patients.

Radiation Oncology: Radiation oncology is a medical speciality that involves the use of radiation to treat or cure cancer or to reduce the symptoms and pain triggered by cancer. Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer by radiation which is delivered by the qualified radiation oncology team. The treatment of cancer by controlling or destroying cancer cells through the use of ionizing radiation. Basaveshwara Hospital offers radiation treatment through the latest cutting-edge technology that delivers radiation in a very precise manner to reduce treatment times.

Surgical Oncology: Most cancers are treated with the removal of tumours and marginal tissues. Surgical oncology is usually complemented with radiation therapy or chemotherapy to destroy the remaining cancer cells. Surgical oncology also involves biopsy procedures to obtain samples of tissues. It includes palliative surgery to relieve pain and discomfort, and restorative or reconstructive surgery to improve the appearance of the body, after other oncology surgery. The subspecialties of surgical oncology are -

  • Sarcoma Surgery
    Sarcomas are a rare type of cancers that affect the connective tissues of the body such as the tendons, bones, muscles, fat, cartilage, nerves, and blood vessels. The arms and legs are usually the most affected; also, sarcomas can rarely occur in the other parts of the body. The surgery is the surgical removal of a sarcoma tumour.

  • Paediatric Surgery
    The cancer treatment in children is different from adults. Our department of pediatric surgery has a dedicated and experienced team of experts in the surgical treatment of neonates, children, and young adults. Basaveshwara Hospital has the best pediatric surgical services to treat and manage childhood cancer.

  • Melanoma Surgery
    Melanomas are skin cancers that are usually caused by exposure to UV radiation. Melanoma surgery removes the affected area of tissue. Treatment may also require the removal of the affected lymph nodes through surgery.

  • Hepato-Pancreato- Biliary (HPB) Surgery
    Our team of HPB surgeons specialise in the surgical removal of cancer of the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts.

  • Gastric-HIPEC
    HIPEC or Hyperthermic intraperitoneal Chemotherapy is a form of chemotherapy. Instead of treating the patient with chemotherapy through the bloodstream, the drugs are heated and directly delivered to the abdomen. It is a prefered treatment for cancers in the abdomen, such as gastric cancer. It may be used in conjunction with other surgical treatments.

  • Endocrine Surgery
    Our team of experts treat cancer of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands by surgical removal of the affected tissue. Surgery may be performed in conjunction with other treatments such as radiation therapy. Endocrine surgery may be followed by hormonal therapy to balance the hormones in the body.

  • Colorectal Surgery
    Colorectal cancers of the colon, rectum and the anus are sometimes treated by means of surgery to remove cancerous tissue from the colon wall, rectum, and the anus as well as the affected lymph nodes, if required.

  • Acute Care General And Palliative Surgical Oncology
    Some cancer patients require additional treatment or even surgery to ease the pain and symptoms of cancer. Our dedicated team provides treatment and surgery if required to improve the comfort level, reduce side effects, improve survival chances, and reduce recovery times for the patients.

  • Uro - Oncology
    Our team of uro-oncology surgeons diagnose, treat, and perform surgeries of the male and female urinary tract, along with the male reproductive system to remove urologic cancers.


The Department of Medical Oncology at Basaveshwara Hospital is known for its superior patient care and clinical outcomes. Medical oncologists work together with the surgeons and radiotherapists in deciding the treatment and delivering it. The team efforts help the patient receive an effective care and best possible quality of life.

The team of oncologists, physicians and other specialists are collectively dedicated to provide top-class services for patients suffering from various types of cancer. Our team of doctors and surgeons are trained from renowned institution. Every year our team of doctors provides care and treatment for over more than 2000 odd children and adults suffering from various cancers and also many complex cancers with utmost dedication and commitment.

With the latest technology, skilled physicians, compassionate staff and well equipped wards Basaveshwara Hospital provide care for all the patients. Basaveshwara Hospital strive to provide quality care and it exceeds patients’ expectations.

The treatment provided is accessible, cost-effective and convenient. The hospital is well equipped with a good infrastructure.

Lists of different types of cancers are mentioned below for which treatment is provided at our hospitals. They are:

  • Liver cancer

  • Breast cancer

  • Lung cancer

  • Stomach cancer

  • Brain tumour

  • Skin cancer

  • Blood cancer

Oncology is the branch of medicine that specialises in the study, treatment, and management of cancer right from the diagnosis of cancer to all the different treatments of cancer and palliative care. A doctor who specialises in oncology is called an oncologist.

A cancer patient is managed and treated by an oncologist. They diagnose cancer and then assign a stage depending on the severity of the disease. The treatment options are discussed and explored. If required the patient is then referred to the care of an oncologist who specialises in particular cancer and its treatment. Most times the treatment involves oncologists from different specialities such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy working together on treating and managing a patient. Our team of doctors and specialists at Basaveshwara Hospital provide medical oncology services and treatments through specialised as well as multi-disciplinary teams as and when required to give the best possible treatment and cancer care services for each patient.


The Department of Medical Oncology at Basaveshwara Hospital is known for its superior patient care and clinical outcomes. Medical oncologists work together with the surgeons and radiotherapists in deciding the treatment and delivering it. The team efforts help the patient receive an effective care and best possible quality of life.

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