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Blood Bank

Transfusion of blood is also termed - Transfusion Medicine and is employed to increase the level of blood, blood cells or blood components in an individual. Basaveshwara Hospital houses an accredited blood bank that aids the collection, storage and transfer of blood components. Blood loss can occur either during surgical procedures or due to accidents, and in some cases due to certain diseases. The department of transfusion medicine provides the required blood or blood components for patients in need. The Department of Transfusion Medicine caters to the following conditions and diseases.

Basaveshwara Hospital Transfusion medicine facilities are one of the most advanced in India. They contain blood transfusion wards for the donor to donate blood, and the blood banks to safely store the blood until needed. The department consists of highly skilled professionals who understand the special needs of the patients and provide excellent care. We are one of the largest transfusion medicine departments with many years of experience in this field, performing blood transfusion for patients every day.

The transfusion medicine department is well furnished with latest technology machines to provide you with the best of service and care. Utmost care is taken while performing the blood transfusion procedure, so that the blood-borne infections are prevented. With an established and well-equipped lab, with latest technological equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of patients we aim to provide the best care in India.

Division units add another level of service for the patients. They are:

  • Thrombin and factor VIII blood collection

  • Blood transfusion procedure

  • Blood component separation

  • Collection of fibrinogen concentrate

  • Plasminogen collection

Our experience and expertise, coupled with our team, plan the best treatment for you to keep you healthy. Help us to provide you with a healthy life by joining hands with Basaveshwara Hospital team.

Blood Bank

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